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Next Meeting May 10th, 2014
One time Change in Location !!


Next meeting is May 10th 10am at:
Heritage Presbyterian Church
Fellowship Hall
5323 Bells Ferry Road
Acworth, GA 30102

Click on this link for Directions

This combined ARES and CARS meeting will be held in conjunction with the National Weather Service - Storm Spotter Class scheduled on May 10th, 2014.

The class will start at 10:00AM on Saturday, May 10th. There will be a short CARS meeting at 9:55 and we will follow the meeting with any discussions about Field Day or ARES after the class.

Now that we have a larger space we can accept additional registrations up to a maximum of 100 students. These slots are filling fast!

If you are not already confirmed in the class but you would like to attend, please email EC Bob Johnston, Class Coordinator at .

The following link, is an outstanding Public Safety video that describes "The Interoperability Continuum" which (in layman's terms) is a plan to improve communications or "a path to achieving optimum interoperability by broadening relationships". "Knowing who the players are around you" is a mission critical statement and to quote from the video, "The reality is, the most important ingredient in interoperability is relationships". "Relationships count and mean something". As a side note, our own Cherokee ARES members, Randy Kerr, KD4KHO, is in this video at 12:06 and 12:35 with great comments.

Examples of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina (i.e. "we need 150 helicopters, we only have 4"), floods, forest fires, etc. are discussed. Communications issues are discussed and what the IC plan does to improve and overcome issues, BEFORE a disaster happens.

This video, while describing Public Safety planning, etc., is a model for what ARES should be about. We should be a "fluid" organization, that knows our neighbors, i.e. City, County, State (and surrounding) ham operators, repeater owners, ARES members, CERT members, EMA Directors, Newspaper Editors, etc., and build strong professional quality relationships with these folks. We have similar paths to the video such as Training and Exercises through weekly/monthly nets and meetings, to identify what went well, and what needs improvement, which is exactly what the upcoming October 1st, Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is all about.

Recent past events like the hurricane and tornado in Ringgold and elsewhere, provide many additional opportunities for "lessons learned". As stated before, the emergency for communications should not become the on scene disaster. As hams, "When All Else Fails, Ham Radio" gets the message through.

I would urge each of you to view this video and key in on "relationships", and even show this at your next monthly ham meeting. Working together with served agencies for parades, bike rides, air shows, etc. provide a huge visible relationship of how we as hams can help. If Public Safety realizes they need to "put aside egos, politics, and economics", because "we are dealing with people's lives", then so should ARES. Let's work together to be as active and faithful to check in on nets, support each other countywide, statewide and beyond. We have a great ARES group in Georgia, complimented with excellent ARES leadership. Are we prepared to be the best we can be? As school as started, it is approaching report card time (the SET) and time to grade ourselves.

Thanks for all you do, your time, effort, and money buying equipment, maintaining repeaters, and sharing one of the best hobbies around.

Jim Millsap
DEC-Metro Atlanta

The County Weather Station on the air.

You can monitor the Wx station via APRS by tracking WA4EOC-2, or via the internet at

2009 Field Day coverage by CBS Atlanta WGCL46.


WB4NWS - 145.430 (-) PL 107.2 Mt Oglethorpe

Backup Repeaters
First:  WA4EOC - 443.075 (+) PL 107.2 Pine Log Mtn. Waleska
Second: KG4VUB - 145.270 (-) PL 100 Pine Log Mtn. Waleska


Printable version of frequencies for Cherokee County ARES use available HERE.
Full ICS-217 list is HERE. - Updated 3/18/2014


Weekly ARES Training Nets are every Monday at 8pm on the 145.430 Repeater. 443.075 will also be monitored.


The Cherokee Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group meets with the Cherokee Amateur Radio Society at 10am, second Saturday of each month.

Our meetings are held at the The William G. Long Senior Center in Woodstock, GA
223 Arnold Mill Road
Woodstock, Georgia 30188

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Additional information on meetings will be announced on the nets and on this website.
Talk-in is on any of the above listed repeaters.

FEMA courses IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800

You can take these courses free, online at:

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WB4NWS - 145.430
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